Protective eyewear and gloves are recommended!

STUD KLEEN fits to ½" impact but can also be run with a drill

  • Not to be used with tools that exceed 12,000 RPM

  • Do not free-spin tool

  • STUD KLEEN is made to be used on three surfaces: 

  • Back of the rim 

  • The rotor face including the studs where the rim sits 

  • The hub face behind the rotor 

  • STUD KLEEN’s abrasive pad can clean 85% of hub faces

  • Do not force the tool too far onto a stud where the hub is too close for the abrasive pad to easily fit between the stud & hub.

  • STUD KLEEN works optimally with little more than the weight of the impact or drill to which it is attached. Excessive force is unnecessary - there is no need to push or pull the tool while on the thread.

  • Keep the face of the abrasive pad flat against the work surface while in use


When cleaning studs, rotate tool clockwise. It will easily pull itself onto most threads until the abrasive face of the STUD KLEEN bottoms out on either the rotor or the hub. 

To remove from studs, rotate counterclockwise, and it will easily remove itself from the thread. 


Clean all mating surfaces of wheel hub assembly for proper mating of surfaces and torqueing of lug nuts.

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